About Us

iSci Management is a life sciences advisory firm dedicated to working with small and mid-sized private and public therapeutic, diagnostic, and medical device companies during times of start-up, or change, and challenge, when there is urgent and assertive need for leadership and action. Our core expertise and services are in:

  • Corporate Strategy Consulting
  • Interim Leadership Services
  • Transaction Advisory Services (range of company/product transactions; creditor workouts)
  • Venture Origination & Fund-raising

We work with senior management, equity investors (strategics, venture capital, angel capital & private equity), boards of directors, lenders, and entrepreneurs to optimize value in high change, complex and/or entrepreneurial business circumstances when the specific leadership and operational expertise necessary may not be readily available.

We are an atypical advisory firm in that we have deep domestic and international hands-on operating experience at the most senior executive level, having led, as CEO, large (multi-billion dollar), medium, small, and start-up life science companies, and having executed many, varied transactions including raising significant public market and private funds. We are supported by a network of highly experienced functional experts spanning the full breadth of corporate, therapeutic, diagnostic, and medical device disciplines.

At iSci Management, we know what it takes to deliver on an advisory or interim leadership solution for our clients.





Managing Directors
  • Colin J. Foster

    • Therapeutics, Diagnostics
      & Medical Devices
    • Public & private global company leadership as Chairman, Board Member, CEO & Founder/Entrepreneur
    • CEO leadership in start-up, small, mid-sized & large companies (multi-billion dollar)
    • Raised significant public market, venture capital & venture debt funds