iSci Management is dedicated to providing outstanding services to life science companies in the areas of:

  • Corporate Strategy Consulting
  • Interim Leadership Services
  • Transaction Advisory Services (range of company/product transactions; creditor workouts)
  • Venture Origination & Fund-raising

R&D is a high-risk endeavor with many "ups & downs". There is, therefore, an inherent unpredictability to doing business in the life science sector with ample opportunity for the misalignment of leadership, technology, and capital. iSci Management is dedicated to helping clients through these periods of misalignment, when the circumstances are challenging and complex, when expectations are high, and when there is urgent and assertive need for leadership, entrepreneurialism, and action.

1. Corporate Strategy Consulting

The life sciences industry is, itself, a case study in change, where ambiguity is high, and the strategic/operational choices broad. We provide advisory services to our clients in challenging or changing times, helping them identify and execute a detailed plan that maximizes value, and reduces risk. The focus may be anywhere along the R&D/commercial continuum of strategy development, optimizing business performance, portfolio prioritization, seeking new capital, restructuring the business, avoiding bankruptcy or executing an asset liquidation, and/or pursuing a transaction. Additionally, we will help investors with their diligence of a company in advance of an investment.

2. Interim Leadership Services

iSci Management will engage clients as interim leaders or on a standard advisory basis. We are fully prepared to act in a "C-level" hands-on operational capacity to develop and execute the company's objectives/strategies, either with an iSci Management "brought-in" team or by leveraging the client company's own employees/advisors. Specific roles naturally include:

3. Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Services: iSci Management works with clients to develop and execute a full range of transactions including mergers & acquisitions, company & product sales, asset sales/liquidations, joint ventures & collaborations, and in-/out-licensing agreements. We work either alone, with our network, or in combination with a client company's current advisors to:

  • Establish the transaction strategy
  • Construct the corporate presentation, offering memorandum/teaser & data room
  • Develop the target list of potential transaction parties
  • Lead the outreach to targeted transaction parties
  • Work/negotiate with interested parties to deliver term sheets
  • Negotiate final transaction terms and documents
  • Develop business integration plan in the case of a merger/collaboration including corporate strategy, integration of financials & systems, HR integration/structure definition, and culture

We have a deep network within the life science industry, including knowing and having relationships with the corporate strategic & business development decision-makers.

Secured/Unsecured Creditor Workouts: We can restructure secured and/or unsecured debt such that the company is in a more liquid/viable economic circumstance in advance of an equity transaction, or as part of a wind-down/work-out plan. These can be implemented with limited client involvement, relieving management from creditor calls and pressure tactics and allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of the business. Such an engagement would naturally include negotiation of forbearance and settlement agreements.

4. Venture Origination & Fund-raising

We will leverage our company start-up experience and our deep network of collaborators to work with entrepreneurs in founding their companies, establishing their legal, governance, and financial structures, in-licensing technologies, identifying and hiring employees/consultants, and building financeable corporate presentations/business plans & budgets. With the corporate presentation in hand, we will work closely with client entrepreneurs to take a lead role in fund-raising for the company targeting a variety of potential capital sources including strategics, venture capital, angel capital, private equity, and venture debt. From the get-go, we will assess the technology and company from the following perspectives with a view to establishing a basis upon which to establish a compelling company strategy and business plan:

  • Science/biology, product benefits & target patient population
  • Barriers to entry
  • Product development, regulatory & manufacturing requirements
  • Commercial & business development opportunities
  • Financials & capital requirements
  • Stakeholder profiles (board, management & scientific founders)






Our services in summary:
1. Corporate Strategy Consulting 
  • Company evaluation in advance of financing
  • R&D/Commercial strategy & portfolio prioritization
  • Company start-up, planning & financing
  • Performance optimization
  • Change management, downsizing, turnaround, or liquidation
2. Interim Leadership Services 
  • Interim leader: Executive Chair/Chairman, Interim CEO, COO/CBO, Chief Fund-raising Officer, Chief Business Development Officer, CCO, Chief Turnaround Officer & Board Member with advisory role
  • Major strategic initiatives/projects
3. Transaction Advisory Services * 
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Company & product sales/divestitures
  • Asset sales/liquidations
  • Joint ventures & collaborations
  • Licensing
  • Secured/Unsecured creditor workouts
4. Venture Origination & Fund-raising * 
  • Company set up
  • Acquisition of technology rights
  • Corporate presentation & business plan
  • Fund-raising targeting strategics, venture capital, angel, private equity & venture debt
  • Budgeting
  • Hiring of personnel


* iSci Management will work alone or in combination with client’s advisors